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Welcome to the Wiki for the Book Series Terra Rising by J.T. Buckley.

Eras (Spoiler Alert)

Unification Wars (BeforeBy Right of Arms)

During the Unification Wars, Earth was a space faring society but not star faring. It had two main factions, the Western Confederation which consisted of the United Nations of America (North, Central and South America), The United Kingdom (The current UK, North and West Africa), And the European Economic Zone (The current EU and Australia and surrounding countries) and the Eastern Empire which consisted of all of Asia, Eastern Africa, and the Middle East. Each faction controlled different parts of the solar system until the war was brought to an end by the Western Confederation by capturing the Eastern Imperial family and negotiating a mutually beneficial peace treaty creating the Confederated Nations of Terra.

Principean Empire (period during By Right of Arms)

The advent of the hyperdrive by Commander Gerald Hendrix opened the galaxy to the people of Earth. They launched the TNS Intrepid on a mission to Alpha Centauri to answer a distress call directed from there. After the discovery of a military base full of human corpses and an entire civilization worth of ruins, they decide to continue on a journey to the closest inhabited world, Carnoria (the star we call Tau Ceti) from there they travel to other worlds and finally the capital on Principe. The entire journey is one of discovery as they learn more about the ancient history of Earth and what they had wrought in the galaxy.

Ship Designations

Major Characters


Aaron Richardson- Captain of the TNS Intrepid and becomes the Primus, military Leader of Terra

William Graves- Astrogator of the TNS Intrepid and becomes the Magus, leader of the psychic warriors known as the Atlantian Contingent. He marries the Imperial Princess, Taralla Malerick.

William Buckner- Executive officer of the TNS Intrepid and later becomes the captain when Richardson takes on the role of Primus

Leonard "Yuri" Andropov- 3nd in command of the TNS Intrepid's marine contingent until the commander is killed and the second in command becomes Richardson's aide.


Queen Amalthia "Amy" Atellus-Queen of Carnoria

Ambassador Karn- First Carnorian to meet with the crew of the TNS Intrepid

Marshalla- the queen's handmaiden and closest confidant


Emperor Emerand Malerick III- Emperor of the Principean Empire which was the remnants of the Third Terran Empire

Princess Taralla Malerick- daughter of Emperor Malerick and hereditary heir to the imperial throne

Colonel Rickson- Commander of the Principe Approach Command