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Terran Province[edit]


Home world of the human race. In the ancient past, Terra built three separate empires. The last empire ended with an accident at the starport on the continent of Atlantis that destroyed most of the continent. Only Small portions of the planet held the technologically advanced society, the remainder was held in its natural state as large imperial preserves. When Atlantis was destroyed, large amounts of dust and radiation was thrown high into the atmosphere making it difficult for any ships from off world to land. Only a few Terrans survived and they headed out into the wilderness to seek shelter from the Ice Age that resulted. By the time ships were able to land the Terrans had resorted to stone age technology to survive. Per the protocols they had put into place, the Terrans themselves had became a protected developing society.

Centauri Prime (Alpha Centauri[edit]

Closest Province world to Terra and security center for the Province. They were monitoring the civilization progress on Terra and were preparing to contact it to welcome them back the Province. Before they could, they were attacked by the Reptals and every human on the planet was killed, but not before sending the emergency distress message to both Earth and Sirius Prime. The Hyperwave communicator array was destroyed and so was the tight-beam communications array.

Sirius Prime[edit]

Last populated world in the Terran Province other than Terra. Attacked at the same time as Centauri Prime so they could not send assistance to Centauri Prime. It wasn't until the Battle for Terra that they could send any assistance at all.

Alliance of Unaligned Worlds[edit]


Home world to Queen Amalthia Atellus. With yellows instead of greens it is a beautiful and natural world very much like Earth. Colonized during the second Terran Empire, they have always kept close ties with the Terran Province. Usually with a member of the royal family marrying a Terran. It is the closest populated world to the Terran Province and leads the other worlds of the alliance.

Imperial Worlds[edit]


Throne World of the Principean Empire. Former Subcapital of the Third Terran Empire and Home world of Emperor Malerick III and Princess Taralla Malerick. The throne world was moved to Principe after the assassination of the last Terran Emperor and the assumption of power by the Malerick Family.

Trimaria IV[edit]

The second populated world Richardson visits and enlists to recognize him as Primus. The regent is afraid to not support him but also will not betray the emperor which Richardson accepts.